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All information regarding wires, fees, and processes within the Oxygen platform.

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What if I don't have an Oxygen account?

You can simply go to the Oxygen website and sign-up.

What is a bank wire transfer?

A bank wire transfer (also referred to as “wire transfer” in this FAQ) is a way to send money from one bank account to another bank account electronically. It is usually used to transfer large amounts of money.

The banks involved in the transfer communicate with each other to ensure a safe and secure funds transfer.

Where can I find the incoming wire routing number for my Oxygen Account?

You can find the domestic wire transfer routing number in your Oxygen app by going to “More > Account number.”

Who can send a wire transfer?

This feature is currently available for Water, Air, Fire, and Business-level customers. Earth-level Oxygen deposit accounts (“Oxygen Accounts”) cannot send wire transfers at this time.

Wire transfers can only be sent domestically. A domestic wire transfer must be sent to a bank within the United States (including its territories). Oxygen and its banking partners do not allow wires to be sent to a bank outside of the United States (and its territories).

Are there any other requirements or eligibility criteria I must meet to use the Oxygen wire transfer feature?

We have specific requirements and eligibility criteria for using the wire transfer feature. These criteria may include account verification, transaction history, and other terms and conditions.

Please review our terms and conditions or contact customer support at or 866-287-7021 for questions. Additionally, if your balance does not have enough funds to cover the wire transfer including fees, the transaction will be canceled.

How much does it cost (fee) to send a wire transfer?

There is a fee to use wire services. The amount of the fee is based on your Oxygen Account type.

At this time, wire transfers cost $15 for Water, Air, and Fire customers and $10 for Business Oxygen Accounts. Wire transfer fees can change, so please check the current fees before starting a wire transfer.

Are there any other additional fees for sending wire transfers through my Oxygen Account?

You (the sender) are responsible for all fees and taxes, including Oxygen’s fees and any additional fees charged by other banks involved in the transfer.

How do I start a wire transfer using my Oxygen Account?

  1. To begin a bank wire transfer, log in to your Oxygen app.

  2. You can initiate a wire transfer by going to “More > Transfers > Wires.”

  3. Click “New Wire” to begin.

  4. Follow the prompts to add the recipient's (person who will receive the money) banking information, timing, frequency and reason for the wire transfer, and the amount you’d like to transfer. Tap “Add > Confirm.”

  5. A verification code will be sent to your phone or email for security purposes. Once you receive your code, enter it and tap “Done.”

  6. After completing your request, you should then see your newly scheduled wire transfer under your “Scheduled” tab.

What information do I need to provide for a wire transfer?

To request a wire transfer, you will need to provide:

  1. The full name of the person or business who will receive the money (recipient)

  2. Their bank account number, routing number, or SWIFT code

  3. The name and location of the recipient's bank

  4. The amount of money you want to transfer

  5. The reason for the wire transfer


Is there a minimum amount to initiate a wire transfer?

Yes, the minimum amount to send a wire transfer is $1 USD.

Can I send international wires?

No, at this time Oxygen does not allow international wire transfers. Oxygen only allows domestic wire transfers within the United States (including its territories).

When can I send wire transfers?

A qualifying Oxygen member can schedule a wire transfer any day of the week. There is no limit to the number of wires you can send daily.

We will start processing your Wire Transfer the same Business Day if we receive it and complete our security procedures before the cutoff times we established. Currently, the last cutoff time for your request to be processed the same Business Day it is received is 3:00 PM EST.

How long does a wire transfer take to send and receive?

The time it takes for a wire transfer to be processed can differ.

Wire transfers don't require transaction holds, but how long it takes to send and receive funds could vary depending on cutoff times, federal regulations, weekends, bank holidays, and processing times.

Because of these factors, Oxygen cannot guarantee that your wire transfer will be processed on the same day.

Can I schedule wire transfers for a future date?

Yes, future-dated wire transfers are a convenient feature offered to your Oxygen Account. These can be recurring (repeats) or one-time wire transfers.

You may request to send a future-dated wire transfer to an established recipient (someone you have sent a transfer to before) from your Oxygen Account. It is your responsibility to update or change any payment details as needed.

What are the daily and monthly fund limits for wire transfers?

Oxygen and its banking partners have specific limits on the amount of money you can send when using the wire transfer feature.

These limits may vary depending on factors such as your account type, transaction history, and verification status. Please see your account terms and conditions for more information.


Personal (Water, Air, & Fire)

$10,000 limit per transfer

$10,000 limit per transfer

$50,000 daily limit

$10,000 daily limit

$200,000 monthly limit

$25,000 monthly limit

How can I track the status of my wire transfer?

To check the status of your wire transfer, go to the “Scheduled” tab to view your in-progress wire transfers.

You can see your completed wire transfers and wire transfer fees in your transaction history under the “History” tab in your app. Once a wire transfer has been reviewed and accepted, you will be notified that it has been successfully processed.

What happens if there is an error or issue with my wire transfer?

If for any reason we cannot process your wire transfer, we will notify you via the email address we have on file for you.

If you notice an error with your wire transfer, please contact Oxygen's customer support team at or 866-287-7021 for help.

Can I cancel or make changes to an existing scheduled wire transfer?

Yes, you may be able to cancel or modify a wire transfer before it is scheduled to be sent. A wire transfer cannot be canceled once it has been processed. Up until that time, you can cancel a wire or change the recipient, transfer amount, send date, frequency, and purpose of the wire.

To cancel or modify a scheduled wire transfer:

  1. Choose a wire transfer listed under 'Scheduled.'

  2. You can modify either a single wire or all the scheduled wires.

  3. Select “Delete” or “Modify” by tapping on the wire transfer you want to change.

Will Oxygen refund my wire transfer fee if I cancel a wire transfer?

Yes, your wire fee will automatically refund back to your Oxygen Account if you cancel a wire.

Can a wire transfer be returned?

Once you have submitted a wire transfer, you cannot cancel the transfer after we have begun processing it. But you can request that we return your funds to you.

There is no guarantee of a wire transfer reversal, but if the recipient's bank agrees, your funds may be returned to you. Although this amount might not be the full amount you originally sent due to associated fees.

If we cannot process your wire transfer, we will notify you via the email address we have on file for you.

What security measures protect my wire transfers?

Oxygen and its partner banks prioritize the security of your wire transfers.

Prior to scheduling a wire transfer, you must provide a qualifying recipient with the information we require, the financial institution that holds the recipient’s account, and the purpose of the wire transfer.

When you use our wire transfer service, you will verify your identity with a username and password. You may be asked to complete additional authentication steps, including security questions, one-time codes, and other methods of authentication.

We may require stricter security steps for any wire transfer, but we have no obligation to do so. If we choose to impose stricter security procedures, neither we nor our banking partners will be liable to you for any delays or losses, and we will not be obligated to impose such security steps in the future to safeguard your transactions.

What is the difference between a wire transfer and other transfer methods, such as ACH or Zelle?

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds between banks that is usually done for larger amounts of money. ACH and Zelle are also electronic transfer methods, but these methods are usually used for smaller transactions. They have different processing times and fees.

With an associated fee (that may be subject to change), Oxygen wire transfers are an easier, more secure way to send money.

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