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Why is Oxygen pausing its services?
Why is Oxygen pausing its services?
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Oxygen was built as a banking platform for the extraordinary, but we want to give you more than just financial services. We are stepping into a new world with a simple yet powerful mission: to give back control to individuals who are self-employed, their families and their businesses so that they are able to succeed financially while prioritizing their own health and the well-being of their employees.

From our CEO David Rafalovsky, "Our decision to suspend banking services temporarily reflects our commitment to innovation and growth. We are evolving to better serve your needs. We will focus on creating an ecosystem where financial prosperity and personal wellness go hand in hand."

What does the future of Oxygen look like?

"At Oxygen, we're reimagining the future of financial well-being. Our mission is to provide affordable solutions that empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals while prioritizing their health and happiness."

With Oxygen Health, we are taking a bold first step towards realizing this vision by offering substantial savings on prescription medications and laying the foundation for future comprehensive healthcare solutions. Stay tuned for how Oxygen innovates and disrupts the gap between your financial and overall well-being by providing you solutions that help you make choices you can afford.

Introducing the launch of at the end of March

What does this mean for me and my banking?

Rest assured, your funds are secure with Oxygen. You'll continue to have access to your account until 3/29/24, and any remaining balance will be returned to you promptly via a check.

We understand how inconvenient this step is but we strongly feel that only by temporarily pausing our services will we be better able to provide you with the features you need in the future.

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