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All about Oxygen virtual cards
All about Oxygen virtual cards

What are Oxygen virtual cards, and how do they work?

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What are Oxygen virtual cards?

Oxygen virtual cards are digital, one-time-use and temporary cards that you create within the Oxygen app to make secure online transactions without exposing your Oxygen Visa® Debit Card details.

How do I create an Oxygen virtual card?

Creating a virtual card is simple. Just log in to your Oxygen account, and:

  1. Go to “More” > “Cards.”

  2. Swipe to the Virtual Cards section.

  3. Select "Generate a new card," and choose a desired spending limit and expiration date.

Can I have more than one virtual card active at the same time?

Yes, depending on your Element tier, you can have multiple active virtual cards, up to:





3 active virtual cards

15 active virtual cards



Can I use virtual cards for recurring payments?

Yes, you can assign a virtual card to a specific recurring subscription, and Oxygen will automatically process the payment at the set interval without sharing your primary card details. This card can be used only by that specific subscription, so no other charges can be made on the card.

Are virtual cards safe to use for online shopping?

Yes, virtual cards add an extra layer of security to online transactions. Your personal card information remains private to reduce the risk of fraud or unauthorized charges to your account.

Can I set spending limits on virtual cards?

Yes, you have the flexibility to set spending limits on each virtual card you create. The maximum spending limit for virtual cards is $2,500 per transaction.

Can I use a virtual card for in-store purchases?

Virtual cards are designed for online transactions. For in-store payments, you can use your physical Oxygen Visa Debit Card.

Are there any fees for using virtual cards?

There are no fees to create or use your virtual cards in the US. International Transaction Fee may apply (1% of the transaction amount per transaction).

How long does a virtual card remain active?

The expiration date of each virtual card can be customized when you create it. Once the expiration date passes, that virtual card becomes inactive and cannot be used for any further transactions.

The Virtual Cards can be temporary or re-usable, but in any case, expire one year from the last day of the calendar month during which the Virtual Account was created.

Single-use cards

  • Created for one-time use only

  • The card is deactivated after use

Merchant cards

  • Created for a specific merchant(s) only

  • Can be used for automatic payments

  • Can be set up with a specific payment frequency and amount

  • Can be deleted at your convenience

Can I use virtual cards at an ATM?

Virtual cards are designed for online transactions only and cannot be used for ATM withdrawals.

How do I monitor my virtual card transactions and spending?

You can view your virtual card transactions and spending history within the Oxygen app by going to “More” > “Cards.”

Can I cancel or close a virtual card before it expires?

Yes, you have control over your virtual cards and how you use them. You can cancel or close a virtual card anytime before its expiration date.

What happens if I lose my device with the Oxygen app containing virtual cards?

If you lose your device, your virtual cards are still secure since they are not physical cards. However, you should contact Oxygen customer support at 866-287-7021 or to temporarily freeze or close any active virtual cards for added security.

Can I use virtual cards for international transactions?

Virtual cards can be used for transactions in countries outside of the United States. However, certain limitations* and blockages apply depending on the country.

Do virtual cards have the same rewards and benefits as my physical Oxygen Visa Debit Card?

Yes, virtual cards are linked to your main Oxygen account and share the same rewards and benefits offered by your physical Oxygen Visa Debit Card.

Can I transfer funds between my virtual cards and my main Oxygen account?

The virtual cards are connected to your deposit account just like your Oxygen Visa Debit Card, so you won’t need to transfer any funds to use them.

Are virtual cards available for all Oxygen account holders?

Virtual cards are available for all Oxygen account holders. If you have an active Oxygen account, you can start using virtual cards for added convenience and security.

How long does it take to create a new virtual card?

Creating a new virtual card is quick and easy. It typically takes only a few seconds to create a new card within the Oxygen app.

When does it make sense to use a virtual card? Some examples:

  • Teenagers' allowance: You can create a virtual card for your teen’s allowance. You can set a spending limit to help them learn responsible financial habits while granting them the freedom to manage their funds.

  • Travel budgeting: Create a virtual card with a predetermined budget for expenses like meals, souvenirs, and entertainment to help you practice responsible spending and ensure a stress-free travel experience.

  • Subscription management: Organize and track monthly subscriptions with dedicated virtual cards, enabling seamless payments without risking accidental overspending or payment interruptions.

  • Limited-time promotions: Take advantage of limited-time offers or free trials by using a virtual card with a set spending limit to help safeguard your primary card from unexpected charges.

  • Business expenses: Entrepreneurs can generate virtual cards for specific business expenses to help streamline accounting processes and separate personal and business finances with ease.

  • Online shopping security: When purchasing from lesser-known websites or during peak shopping seasons, use a virtual card to protect your primary card information from potential online threats.

  • Temporary services: Generate a one-time-use virtual card for services that require temporary card information, like signing up for free trials or accessing limited-time promotions.

  • Gifts and giveaways: Share a virtual card with a set spending limit as a gift or for giveaway events, providing recipients with a secure way to make purchases.

  • Freelance payments: Pay freelancers and contractors by generating a virtual card for a specific project or payment amount.

Banking Services provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. The Oxygen Visas Debit Card and the Oxygen Business Visa" Debit Card are issued by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

*International Transaction Fee (applies to both Signature and PIN transactions): 1% of the transaction amount per transaction.

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