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What do I do if a direct deposit does not show up in my account?
What do I do if a direct deposit does not show up in my account?
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On average, direct deposits usually take 1–3 business days to clear. Although the process is quick, the actual time it takes for a deposit to show up in your Oxygen account depends on when your income provider initiates the payment.

I was expecting my direct deposit today but did not receive it.

Check with your income provider to be sure they have the correct account and routing numbers for you on file and ask about possible delays on their end. Also, consider any recent or upcoming holidays that could affect the timing of your deposit.

When there's a bank holiday between your payroll and pay dates, there could be a processing delay with your direct deposit:



Bank holiday


January 1, 2024

New Year’s Day


January 15, 2024

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.


February 19, 2024

Presidents’ Day


May 27, 2024

Memorial Day


June 19, 2024



July 4, 2024

Independence Day


September 2, 2024

Labor Day


October 14, 2024

Indigenous Peoples’ Day


November 11, 2024

Veterans Day


November 28, 2024

Thanksgiving Day


December 25, 2024

Christmas Day

If your income provider has the correct information and there is no delay on their end, but it is past the time frame and your direct deposit has still not posted, please contact customer support at, 866-287-7021 or chat with us on the mobile or web app.

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